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Christina Milian

The Interview:
Christina Milian speaks to ByrWoo from on her new release, her Def Jam situation, The-Dream and more! First off, I want to congratulate you on "Us Against the World" taken off so well & also the video is amazing! What was the best part about filming the video?
Christina Milian: My favorite part was for me just the passion I had for the video, the colors we chose, and the destination. I wanted people to actually listen to the words. I wanted the song to be stripped down. It's a love anthem and I wanted people to hear the lyrics. I wanted it to be vulnerable, but still strong, and I think that's what you see. What's behind the new album title "Dream In Color?"
Christina Milian: It's almost like Dorthy in The Wizard of Oz. She was living this black and white life and next thing you know this tornado sweeps her off to the land of Oz. As she goes down the yellow brick road she learned so many life lessons. So when I was thinking about all these songs and how I am as a person, I'm a very imaginative and creative person. I daydream and see so many things in my sleep and I just think that part of life is by dreaming. I think that this album is the colorful life of Christina Milian on her way to see the Wizard. You worked with a wide-range of producers this time around. Who did you enjoy working with the most or better yet, who do you feel brought the best out of you?
Christina Milian: I feel that Mad Scientist brought the best out of me. We did "Us Against The World Together" and it was the first record I did with Myspace. It was just crazy that the first record that I did he was able to bring out so much out of me and we were really able to do some amazing things with my vocals. And what's funny is that most of the songs I did was last summer, so recently we've gone back into the lab and I'm currently working with Tricky & The-Dream and I think the songs we're doing now are like "Oh, Shoot! This is that extra fire that Christina needed". And these are songs that I always wanted to put out, but never had the opportunity to do before. What are you the most excited about regarding the new album?
Christina Milian: Great Question! I would say it's been a long time coming. I'd say I'm most excited that it is on Myspace Records and that it's not an album that's based on genres. It's not like "Hey, you're supposed to be pop, or urban" I feel like now even radio has changed. Back in the day you couldn't turn on an "urban station" and hear pop. Everything is evolving and finding a common bond. It's not "are you this or are you that" now. At the end of the day it's all about music. What's some of the albums highlights in your opinion? I know you just said you're back in the lab, but what are some of your favorites so far?
Christina Milian: "Diamonds" that I did with Kanye West and Mad Scientists. That one is basically saying you know a diamonds are a girl's best friend, so I'm going to treat you like my diamonds. I will rock you day and night, I like where I took it with that one. It's more of my diva-esp songs. And another one that I did with The-Dream & Tricky called "Punch You In Your Sleep" which is a song about when guys mess up. Those are two records that I know will stand out. I can't wait to hear that one!
Christina Milian: Yeah! Let's just say Tricky & The-Dream did that one so you know how creative it's going to be. How was it writing for this project, did you have to dig deep for inspiration or did the writing come very easy?
Christina Milian: The writing came easily for me, even before my record deal, I was already writing. I did a lot of co-writing and that helped build my self-esteem. And the entirety of this album I either co-wrote or wrote each song and it was all about getting my vocals and music right. I just wanted it to be right. I wanted to be clear with the lyrics instead of just a bunch of mumble jumbo with a hot beat. I feel you and you have really evolved as a vocalist and it truly shows on "Us Against The World."
Christina Milian: That means a lot. I truly want to do better and be a better artist. Everyday I was trying to learn new things. Who says you don't have time to do vocal lessons or dance lessons. Most people always say they don't have time, but really can make the time to do it. This time around I'm really focused. I'm more like a fighter. Like I'm in the corner and ready to fight. How did the deal with MySpace Records come about?
Christina Milian: The guy who is my A&R now I actually met at Def Jam and he used to be a songwriter and artist. I hadn't heard from him in years and out of nowhere he reached out to me. So many labels approached me, but nothing was like Myspace. What was the biggest lesson you learned from the whole Def Jam situation?
Christina Milian: The biggest lesson I learned is, well you just never know what's gonna happen. You can't trust everybody, that's one thing and I guess that's it. I wasn't expecting to get dropped. I wasn't in any arguments. There wasn't a lot I could do to help the situation. And watch how your money is being spent. I think a lot of stuff that happened was how my budget had gone up and it wasn't because of me. I'm actually very frugal and a lot of money was being spent on unnecessary things and if they had been a little smarter with the money I don't think any of the stuff that happened would of. You've been in the headlines this last week with producer The-Dream, the rumors are starting. Is there anything you want to set straight about you and The-Dream?
Christina Milian: The-Dream I actually just met at the top of the year. He and Tricky both took a huge interest in my project and I'm actually just doing a label deal through Myspace with them and Interscope. A lot of people donít realize that when they see me at events I'm actually just out showing my support. They've got some crazy stuff going on in the studio and his album is nuts! People assume that just cause they see us together that something is going on, but the only thing that is, is him giving me hits. And I read all the blogs and they like to use the term "f'ing for tracks" and that's not the type of girl I am. Keep that very clear. I'm a very personable person. I have a lot of respect for them and I thank God for them coming into my life cause they don't have to work on projects like mine.

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